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"Masorti Olami annual review 2015"

"Newsletter Zacharias Frankel College, December 2015"

"Newsletter Zacharias Frankel College, April 2015"

"Masorti Olami annual review 2014"

"Masorti Olami annual review 2013"

"Conservative Movement launching seminary in Germany"
  Forward; October 16th 2013

"Masorti Olami annual review 2012"

"Jewish learning center unveiled in Berlin"
  Toby Axelrod in: Jewish Telegraphic Agency; May 31 2012

"Masorti Olami annual review 2011"

"Masorti Olami annual review 2010"

Brochure of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Strategies for voluntary work in Europe" 2008-2010, September 2010

"Where are they now?" Ruthie Storch as shlicha with Masorti Germany
Josh Sayles in: Jewish News of Greater Phoenix; 23.04.2010

"Masorti Europe board meeting" in Berlin, 06.-08.11.2009
in: Masorti Olami Newsletter, November 2009

Installation Ceremony of Rabbi Gesa Ederberg, 03.06.2007, Berlin
Presentation of Rabbi Gesa S. Ederberg
Dr. Alice Shalvi, Jerusalem

"A Rabbi Grows in Berlin"
Joanne Palmer in: Voices of Conservative Judaism, Fall 2007

Conference of the European Region of the RA, 11.-13.12.2006, Berlin
"Impressions from the Meeting of Masorti Rabbis in Berlin"
Reuven Hammer auf:

Conference of the European Region of the RA, 23.-25.05.2005, Berlin
"The Spirit of Breslau reborn"
Perry Rank in: Newsletter der Rabbinical Assembly, summer 2005

"The Conference of European Rabbis"
Joel Meyers in: Newsletter der Rabbinical Assembly, summer 2005

Masorti Europe Conference, 02.-04.11.2007, Paris
"Report of the Masorti Europe Conference in Paris"
Masorti Olami Newsletter December 2007

European Masorti / MERCAZ Forum, 22.05.2005, Berlin
European Masorti / MERCAZ Forum meets in Berlin
Judy Gray in: Masorti Olami Newsletter

European Marom meetings September and November 2007, Berlin and Paris
Marom Highlights 5767
Masorti Olami printed Newsletter, November 2007

European Marom Seminar "Jewish Renewal in Europe", 19.-22.05.2005, Berlin
Programme Marom Seminar

"European Marom Members meet in Berlin"
Udi Givon in: Masorti Olami Newsletter

European Marom coordinators meeting, 31.01.-01.02.2005, Berlin
"Seminar for European Marom Coordinators in Berlin"
Judy Gray in: Newsletter Masorti Olami

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