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Europe with its diversity of countries, languages and cultures has, despite all differences, a common basis. Based on this common ground, the Masorti Jewish communities learn from each other and exchange their ideas and experiences. We are all aiming at creating and developing the Jewish future in Europe together and at safeguarding Jewish traditions.

Background - Jewish communities in Germany

The Jewish communities in Germany
are facing numerous challenges today.
A particular issue is the integration of Jewish immigrants from the Former Soviet Union into the communities.
There are big differences between larger communities such as Duesseldorf, Berlin and Munich, and smaller communities such as Weiden in der Oberpfalz, with regards to

opportunities, capacities and internal structures.
This task, combined with the special connection to the commemoration of the Jewish history in the 21st century, are the main requirements for the community work.

European Cooperation

Considering the different challenges Masorti communities across Europe are facing, cooperation and exchange on a European level are important. Therefore Masorti Germany strengthens and promotes this in cooperation with Masorti Olami, the international Masorti organisation responsible for Masorti communities all over the world.
Masorti Germany is also a member of Masorti Europe, the European Region of Masorti Olami founded in 2006.

Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Strategies for voluntary work in Europe"

Masorti Germany and nine partner organisations from Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, France and the UK implemented a Grundtvig Learning Partnership in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union from

August 1st 2008 to July 31st 2010. Masorti Germany was responsible for the coordination of the overall partnership.

For more information, please check out:
- the brochure of the partnership
- our entry in the European Shared Treasure Database.

Masorti Europe Conference und Marom International Seminar in Berlin in March 2016

From March 10th to 13th, Masorti Germany was hosting two international Masorti Conferences in Berlin. Firstly, we were welcoming 40 members of communities from France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Israel and Germany - amongst them the president of Masorti Europe, Liz Oppedijk, the president of Masorti Olami, Gill Caplin and the Vice Chairman of the World Zionist Organisation, Dr. David Breakstone - for the bi-annual Masorti Europe Board Meeting.

Simultaneously, we were hosts to the 2016 International Seminar of Marom Olami, the international Head

Organisation for young adults and students of Masorti Olami with 42 participants from all over the world, amongst them Director and Chairman of Marom Olami, in different locations in Berlin.
One of the highlights of the week-end was the celebration of Shabbat in the Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue.

An additional event was the visit of a delegation of the "Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism" under the direction of Petra Pau, Vice President of the German Bundestag, on March 13th in the Synagogue. The purpose of this visit was to share information on best practices of inter-religous cooperation, namely our interreligious Kindergarten project and the work with refugees of Masorti and the Synagogue. Over lunch, the parliamentary group and participants of the Masorti Europe Conference had the occasion to exchange on different matters.

The week-end was completed by the Charity Concert new sounds for the Good" by Dr. Jean Goldenbaum and Friends for these very projects.